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From Skirt Jumper to Bubble Pants Jumper – KCW Winter Challenge – UPCYCLED


Happy Saturday My Lovelies!!! So, I hadn’t planned on doing another upcycle for Kids Clothes Week (You can view the FIRST ONE HERE)…. BUT I just couldn’t get this bubble jumper idea out of my head! We all know what happens when that occurs …I can’t function properly until I bring my ideas to life. TRUESTORY. This jumper fell way […]

How To Make Mini Valentine Heart Cakes


Good Morning My Lovelies! So if you’ve been out of the house recently I’m sure you noticed that Valentine is EVERYWHERE! Hearts, and Cupids and red things everywhere you turn, kinda hard to run from it. I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up some cake ingredients because I usually make a loaf cake for valentine. […]

Free NO SEW Valentine Glitter Heart DIY Tutorial w/ Printable Template


Happy Thursday Lovelies! Can you believe January is almost over?? Which means February is upon us,  which means VALENTINE’S DAY is just around the corner! I thought it would be the perfect time to share this super easy, super awesome, fairly inexpensive Glitter Heart DIY Tutorial with you. What’s so awesome about this tutorial is […]

Our Christmas in Belize – PART 6 – A Short Feature.


Happy Friday Lovelies! Today’s blog post is going to be very short! I hesitated about whether or not to feature this dress, because it was just a relaxing day at the farm with no big adventures. Unless you consider bird watching adventurous. =) Nevertheless, I did sew up this piece for our trip, so I […]

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