Pattern Review: Burda 5318 Vintage Jumper


Hi Lovelies, I had something totally different planned for today, but I got this super cute jumper pattern in the mail yesterday and I just had to do it! I picked a yellow floral print I thought was perfect for summer (can’t remember where I got the fabric, but I know I’ve had it forever). […]

New Racerback Dress with Pockets


Hey guys! I wanted to create the racer back dress (from last week) but this time WITH POCKETS! I just love how simple and cute this dress is! The Marshmallow was in a great mood today and she humored me so it didn’t take us very long to get some good shots! Have I mentioned […]

Something Different: A Jumpsuit!


Hello Lovelies! I wanted to challenge myself this week and make something different, other than a dress. So I decided on a jumpsuit! It’s summer and since the Marshmallow will be outside playing a lot I decided this was a perfect opportunity to try. I studied one of her cargo pants and traced the pattern […]

DIY Purple Racer Back Dress


Good Morning my lovelies! Last month I purchased some summer clothes for the Marshmallow and instantly fell in love with the fit and flare of one of her racerback shirts.I started this purple dress thinking ruffles and straps and but in the middle of making the straps, my mind kept going back to the racer […]

La Petite Princesse de Paris Dress


I thought this name for fitting for this dress especially since my daughter calls it her “Princess Dress” I guess it’s because of the twirl factor! =) Many thanks to my awesome friend Anya, for suggesting it!  I received another Paris print from Fabric.com (link in the bottom of this post) last week and just […]

New Dress!


Hello hello! Ya’ll know I don’t usually blog unless I am really excited about something! So here it is! It’s always Christmas time for me when I get a new shipment of fabric from fabric.com, but this time was especially exciting. The minute my hand touched this darling fabric,  I was instantly inspired and I just […]

Make your own Bias Tape in less than 5 mins!


Hey guys! Oh em gee!! I am easily excited whenever I get new toys…I mean TOOLS (lol)..whenever I get new tools for my many hobby obsessions.  I am so excited about this one, that I had to blog about it! This week its the OH SO MAGICAL  1 inch Bias Tape Maker from Clover. I’ve […]

Auction for Autism Awareness Month.


Hello again lovelies! So if you are following me on Facebook you know I had mentioned last week about auctioning off this lovely piece during April which is Autism Awareness Month. I plan on auction one scarf each week for a different organization raising awareness for autism.  100% of the proceeds will go to that […]

Dyeing Trim with Tea! – WHO KNEW?!


Hello Lovelies!! I did something last week I had to blog about! As you are well aware aside from being a fabric addict, I am also a trim addict! I love adding trim to The Marshmallow’s dresses, I think its gives it somewhat of a vintage charm. I loved the idea of trim being my […]



Hello to you! Gosh, I’ve been so busy since the beginning of the year….and preparing for the Marshmallow’s (nickname for my daughter)  second birthday! I wanted to create as many things as I could for her…and if you are following me on Facebook or Instagram,  you know all about her first dress (found here), and how […]

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