La Petite Princesse de Paris Dress


I thought this name for fitting for this dress especially since my daughter calls it her “Princess Dress” I guess it’s because of the twirl factor! =) Many thanks to my awesome friend Anya, for suggesting it!  I received another Paris print from (link in the bottom of this post) last week and just […]

New Dress!


Hello hello! Ya’ll know I don’t usually blog unless I am really excited about something! So here it is! It’s always Christmas time for me when I get a new shipment of fabric from, but this time was especially exciting. The minute my hand touched this darling fabric,  I was instantly inspired and I just […]

Make your own Bias Tape in less than 5 mins!


Hey guys! Oh em gee!! I am easily excited whenever I get new toys…I mean TOOLS (lol)..whenever I get new tools for my many hobby obsessions.  I am so excited about this one, that I had to blog about it! This week its the OH SO MAGICAL  1 inch Bias Tape Maker from Clover. I’ve […]

Auction for Autism Awareness Month.


Hello again lovelies! So if you are following me on Facebook you know I had mentioned last week about auctioning off this lovely piece during April which is Autism Awareness Month. I plan on auction one scarf each week for a different organization raising awareness for autism.  100% of the proceeds will go to that […]

Dyeing Trim with Tea! – WHO KNEW?!


Hello Lovelies!! I did something last week I had to blog about! As you are well aware aside from being a fabric addict, I am also a trim addict! I love adding trim to The Marshmallow’s dresses, I think its gives it somewhat of a vintage charm. I loved the idea of trim being my […]



Hello to you! Gosh, I’ve been so busy since the beginning of the year….and preparing for the Marshmallow’s (nickname for my daughter)  second birthday! I wanted to create as many things as I could for her…and if you are following me on Facebook or Instagram,  you know all about her first dress (found here), and how […]

Winter Wedding Piece GIVEAWAY!


Pleased to have started 2014 on a project that is giving back and even more so, that it is a bridal piece! I’m sponsoring this super soft,  minky white stole (Perfect for a Winter Wedding!), to Fund With Photo for the Brides Against Breast Cancer Event on January 10th – 11th, 2014. [Event info here] […]

Sneak Peek in 14 secs!

Just in case you were wondering what my start to finish looks like, here’s a little snippet of a piece that will be featured in my upcoming show on November 17, 2013 (Details Here). I do hope you guys cleared your calendars because these pieces are going to exclusive one-of-a-kinds!!! See you soon!! XOXO Candice […]

Have you ever sewn something and then cried? I have!

Good Morning Lovelies! Confession time: Not being able to understand and finish a pattern completely was really bugging my brain, so I was determined to give it a try again and to conquer it! I started my day feeling very optimistic, even did a few hours of research the night before and I told myself, […]

First Sewing Challenge – Failed….but not really.

I’ve always been a little reluctant to try sewing adult clothes, ….but I decided to accept the sewing challenge posted in one of my Sewing groups. I had some nice, silky blue fabric, some fancy lace and some black bias tape on hand, so I decided why not! The challenge was to construct the Sorbetto […]

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