MY TRUTH: Confession Time.


Hey Guys,

I’m blogging this so I can one day come back to my thoughts, or perhaps lend some insight to whoever’s reading. =)

So…I’ve been thinking…there’s this preconception about mothers who create, it is that we have successfully figured out the whole keeping the house together, being the model wife and raising happy healthy children thing– and so since we’ve figured it all out, we search for a new challenge – a hobby – something to fill the time of boredom we have. NOT TRUE, at least not for me.

My truth is, the house, since kids – has never been clean for more than a few mere hours. The dishes have been in the sink for two days, the trash is over flowing, there’s laundry still waiting to be folded and put away from last month, there’s toys, and paper, and crumbs everywhere….and I really can’t tell you the last time I dusted the whole house. I don’t make 3 course meals every day and the hubby and I struggle to find time to spend with each other because of our schedules. But I’ve managed to keep them fed, clean, happy and alive…and for me that’s a win! Haha. Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t live in a pig sty …the house is not a complete dump… but I’m surely NOT the ideal Pinterest Wife and Mom.

What I think is truer, for me – is that being a good wife and mother is such a magnificent challenge that an insertion of creativity is needed simply for balance. I often tell people, being creative “keeps me sane” because it’s the truth! It does! I feel as wives and mothers, we spread ourselves so thin sometimes giving so much of ourselves to the people that need us, that we must create for ourselves a time, a place, a way, to be creative – to relax, to recharge, to rejuvenate our mind and spirit…so that everything else that we are called to do each day, can happen. Sewing, for me, has this magical ability to bridge the gap between my sanity and madness so I don’t find myself jumping off the bridge into crazy town. (Haha)- It calms me, it fuels me and it allows me to come back to my responsibilities recharged and ready to go again. I am a better wife and mother for it.

My wish for you all is that you find some way to be creative. It can be sewing, painting, crafting crocheting, baking, decorating, building sand castles, making art from trash, shaping balloons, playing with playdough, cutting up paper, …..there are so many little things you can do. Creativity is everywhere! GO EXPLORE, GO EXPERIMENT, BE CREATIVE – keep your sanity. Hahaha. Alright, that’s enough rambling….Hope you guys have a wonderful week! Xoxo


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